Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Importance of Moisturizing Paw Pads and Skin

Do you struggle with dry skin during the winter? If so, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that this problem can affect dogs as well. Not only can winter conditions cause a dog's skin to get quite dry, but it can also impact their paw pads. In fact, a dog's paws can go right past dry and end up visibly rough or even cracked.
A common sign of this condition is a dog that repeatedly licks its paws. But even if you don't notice that happening, it's worth getting your dog and checking out its paws. When you inspect them, you'll notice that they're quite thick. Just keep in mind that despite being designed to stand up to less than ideal conditions, a dog's paws may need some extra help from you.

How You Can Help Your Dog's Paw Pads and Skin

There are quite a few things during the winter and other times of the year that can take away moisture from your dog's paw pads. When this happens, it can cause the pads to go from smooth to dry and rough. Since dealing with these problems can seem like an uphill battle, the good news is Pet Wants has two all-natural products that can help.
The first is our healing salve. If the pads on your dog's paws are cracked, our salve can help take care of them. It has natural calming properties, and is made locally with all-natural ingredients and doTERRA oils. The other product we offer is paw wax. Made with the same type of natural ingredients as our salve, this wax is a great way to help protect your dog's paws whenever it goes outside. By applying the wax, you can help create a protective layer that will guard against the elements and other common sources of winter dryness like de-icers. 
As we mentioned above, a dog's skin is also susceptible to drying out during the winter. If you want to protect your pup against this problem, feeding our salmon & brown rice blend is an excellent choice. This fish contains oils that support skin and coat health. Good nutrition also builds the immune system and if a parasite attacks, it will have greater success taking down a weaker animal. Even though it’s cooler right now, the reason we want to mention fleas, ticks and other bugs is it takes time to build a strong immune system. Now is the perfect time for any pet parent to get prepared by feeding high-quality food.

Our anti-itch skin spray is also a great option if your dog currently has dry skin. Using this spray, which is made locally with Calendula infused purified water and doTERRA oils, will help heal your dog's skin and reduce the need to scratch. By being proactive about your dog's paw pads and skin during the winter, you will be able to keep your pet looking and feeling its best!

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